Project & Program Management

Every experienced Project/Program Manager knows it, closing a project in an efficient way, on time and within the right conditions and budget is a never-ending challenge. Intys Consultants in Project and/or Program Management are real assets in making your next big thing a delivered success.

For this, all of our Consultants and Managers are equipped with the PRINCE2 Project Management Certification, continuously cultivate their expertise in various sectors for a wide range of assignment types and, last but not least, always benefit from the in-house sharing of best practices.

At the beginning of each project, Intys verifies the validity of the program and the planning with the different levels of the organization. During the project, we maintain an open communication with the stakeholders and keep interacting before, during and after the execution of the project. We attach great importance to people and change management. This approach enables us to guarantee both a limited impact on the business’ continuity, and to deliver the results in a sustainable way.

Intys Consulting is therefore ready to assign project managers with real business expertise within your field of work. In addition to delivering success, our experts will increase credibility towards your stakeholders. An Intys Project Manager will also improve the general communication within your department, your company or with other business partners.

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Finance & Risk Management

Either as a key activity or as a support of your business, Finance is fundamental and should therefore be handled by highly meticulous individuals. Our skilful consultants in Finance & Risk Management provide expertise in core activities, accurate reporting and safe forecasts on a daily basis.

Amongst other things, Finance entails risk. Regulators, on a local, European and global level have therefore established rules and requirements to mitigate that risk. Intys consultants working within the financial services industry will help the client with both its compliance activities, as well as with its operational activities.

Intys financial consultants will provide their clients with a tailor-made approach for their specific business needs, paving a safe way for better business.

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Behind great ambitions

Supply Chain & Purchasing

Competitive companies implement measures built to enhance cost efficiency and improve performance throughout their entire value chain. At Intys, we fully understand your challenges within Planning, Logistics and Purchasing and offer the expertise required to tackle them:

  • Planning: implementing reporting tools and KPIs, measuring supplier reliability, optimizing flows, stock replenishment frequencies, etc.
  • Logistics: mapping of inbound and outbound material flows, managing information flows, stimulating communication between the different parties, etc.
  • Purchasing: managing all steps of the sourcing process: definition of requirements, market studies, category management and sourcing strategy, RFx processes, fact based negotiations, supplier evaluation, benchmarking, SRM.

Added to this, we created in-house Purchasing and Supply Chain Practices. These stimulate a further and in-depth development of our expertise and provide on-going and up-to-date support to our consultants.

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Operational Excellence

A cost efficient process and/or operation can be realized only if stakeholders understand the need and are involved in the complete elimination of non-added-value activities. Implementing a Lean and defect free process is not only about applying standard tools but also about having the right people with the right mind-set to materialize this business objective.

To achieve this goal, our consultants are encouraged to continuously share their field experience within the ISOLV framework. The combination of lessons’ learnt and the use of Intys Way® will enable our consultants to fully support your organization reaching operational excellence.

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