The Intys Way®

In our ever changing environment where business complexity is the rule, we have drawn on the Agile and Lean philosophy to define our own unique methodology. It is founded on three pillars that guide and support all our actions: ISolv, IDev and IShare. These are shaped as dynamic verbs rather than static concepts, because business is fluctuating too much to allow for linear standards and methods.


ISolv for high quality: Solving the real problems efficiently
Specific customer problems need specific solutions. ISolv is our standard way to ensure that these are of the highest quality. It is our common language, about asking the right questions to ensure first-time-right resolution.

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IDev for specific services: Developing thinking people
Specific delivery means that we focus our energy on building solutions that do fit tangible gaps. We do not believe in standard answers to virtual problems. Through IDev, we rather develop thinking people that build their knowledge and know-how on an as-needed basis.


IShare for pragmatism: Levering on collective intelligence (by sharing our know-how)
Pragmatism at Intys means delivering tangible and ready-to-use solutions built on prior experience and know-how. We want to act as an interconnected network of thinking people that feed Intys collective intelligence: we draw on others’ experiences to solve the same problem only once.

Delivery excellence

COMPASS (for Complex Pattern Solving Service), is a transversal team composed of experienced professionals and it supports all group companies in their delivery efficiency.

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  • is designed to handle complex projects, by taking advantage of technology to fully support consultancy services and giving tailor-made solutions to customers.
  • ensures the best quality for our clients, by offering the best of Intys’ assets to accelerate the performance of our customers in their most challenging business transformation projects
  • is acting as a Lab, by ensuring a business, legal and technical intelligence as well as benchmarking, trends watching and tools development.